Change your love pattern. 

For successful & amazing single women. 

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This three-month 1:1 program will help you change your love pattern and allow a deep, fulfilling, and inspirational relationship into your life.




  • You have a successful career and, overall, would say that you are satisfied with your current life situation.

  • You are amazing at what you do, when it comes to mentoring other people in your zone of excellence, but your own love life is another story.

  • You are not looking for someone to fill an empty space in your life.

  • You have created the life you want and you love it.

  • You feel that the time is right to meet your soulmate and make space in your life for a beautiful relationship.

  • You wish you had someone to celebrate your successes with. But not just anyone. It has to be the right person!

  •  You have tried dating, but always come away disappointed. And each bad date chips away at your faith in finding a partner. Sound familiar?You have tried dating, but always come away disappointed. And each bad date chips away at your faith in finding a partner. Sound familiar?

Your past has created your love pattern.


The program covers the important concepts behind alignment and includes hands-on exercises to help you move into greater alignment.


You will raise your self-awareness and gain objective insights about how you move through the world. You will also realign your beliefs about love so that you can attract the kind of relationship you desire. It is not about “fixing” a “problem” or resolving deep-seated emotional issues. It is about changing your love pattern.


You will stop repeating old scripts and focus your energy on new ones.


If you are independent, happy, and self-aware, but…

…you also recognize that you need to change your love pattern, this program is for you.



Where both partners embrace their feminine and masculine energies.


Where both partners can simply BE.


For Independent, happy & conscious women.

For women especially, society conditions us to hold certain beliefs. We also carry the hurts of the past into the present. Some of us have lost touch with ourselves or are too afraid of disappointment to open ourselves up to meeting our soulmate. This course will teach you how to let your guard down safely and meet a partner capable of doing the same.


Over the three-month course, you will learn the three foundations to changing your love pattern:


  • Update and uplevel your love pattern
  • Make dating fun and easy.
  • Learn the key component of a simple, fulfilling relationship.


Connection, the key to letting meaningful relationships into your life.




  • Maybe you have been hurt in the past and do not want to relive that painful experience. Or you were the one who did the hurting and do not want to hurt someone again.


  • You have already come a long way on your journey of personal development, and you feel that you are just a few new insights away from creating a new relationship.


  • You set high standards, including for your potential partner, and are not willing to “settle”.


  • You are done wasting time and energy on the “wrong” kind of person.


  • You know you can find someone, but you won’t compromise on the life you have created and love.


  • You don’t tend to “click” with the people you attract, and the people you are attracted to are not right for you.


  • In all other areas of your life, you are a “doer”. You do not wait around for things to happen to you.


  • You are tempted to give up on finding your soulmate and focus 100% on your career. After all, you are successful, and your career feels more “manageable.”


  • You do not want just any relationship. You want one that is in flow, that inspires you, that energizes you, and that pushes you to grow.


  • Maybe sometimes you even wonder what the point is. Or you throw yourself into your work and avoid the question of love altogether. After all, isn’t your energy better spent on something that gets you tangible results, like your career?




You want a meaningful relationship.






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Connection, the key to letting meaningful relationships into your life.


During our sessions, we will take a deep dive into your internal patterns to create profound change before you even meet anyone! When someone you are attracted to does cross your path, you will show up authentically and the relationship will just flow right from the start.



1 - Get free from “Past Wounds” that causes your pattern and embody a new level of love. Where both are elevate each others and love freely.


2- We will uncover the unconscious beliefs that are standing between you and the life you want so that you can replace them with better-quality beliefs. And better-quality beliefs will improve the quality of the relationships you already have in your life and the quality of the new people you will meet.


3 - You will also raise your personal standards by examining your self-concept. You will evolve to naturally embody the woman you want to be in a love relationship and in the eyes of the world. The kind of woman who inspires, who shines her light on others in a way that makes a lasting impact, who loves wholeheartedly, who acts with spontaneity…all while remaining true to herself and her values at all times. The kind of woman who is not afraid to establish and hold firm boundaries in a way that is respectful of herself and others. This is the foundation that will allow you to meet the caliber of man you would like to build a relationship with and stay the course when you do meet someone you are attracted to.
5 - I will teach you the Life Partner concept. You will learn how to assess other people’s behaviors and tune in to your own feelings to determine whether or not there is an imbalance and how to restore balance. We move through the world in balance. To have healthy relationships, it is important to be aware of what your personal balance looks and feels like. Both within yourself and with others.
6 - You will learn the art of Clean Dating, my step-by-step approach to easy, light, fun dates! After a “Clean Date” you will know whether the person is right for you. If he isn’t, you will be able to tell him so without apprehension or fear.
8 - Finally, you will learn the Relationship Code. These are the rules that allow you to be yourself in your relationship and know exactly what to do when you sense your partner withdrawing.

There is absolutely nothing stopping you from having the relationship of your dreams right now.

Whatever your past experiences and no matter how young or old you are or where you are in the world…

Love is a conscious choice.

And, with the right knowledge, you can choose to love unconditionally and to nurture your relationship every day.


We know more about how human beings function than ever before. We have the insights we need to manage our emotions and to overcome limiting beliefs. We have everything we need to learn to love wholeheartedly and cultivate thriving relationships.


If you find it hard to identify with angry, constantly-bickering couples bitter from making too many compromises in unfulfilling relationships, or if you just do not believe that you will one day randomly find “the one”, you are not alone.  


A relationship is an enterprise. Together, you and your partner will come up with a love model that works for both of you. And, together, you will make it work.




Change your love pattern for good and have the fulfilling relationship you desire


Whatever your situation is:


“I am single.”


“I just met someone I like, and I am worried I will sabotage the relationship.”


“I just don’t feel like I am open to a new relationship.”


“I am in a relationship, but I have doubts about myself, my partner, and us.”


“I keep meeting people who are either emotionally unavailable or already married or in another relationship.”


“I am becoming emotionally dependent.”


“I am afraid to be alone.”


“I am seeing someone, but my partner won’t commit.”


“I still think about my ex.”


“I can never seem to make up my mind.”


“I don't know what I really want.”


“I'm afraid to get hurt.”


“I always get cheated on/cheat.”


“I end up choosing partners I don’t really have feelings for.”


“I am always getting ghosted.”


“I usually end up getting bored.”



The program is designed to get you to your goal of meeting someone who is right for you. You will also learn the skills you need to build a fulfilling relationship together.



If you are interested in getting started, book a call with Fanny! We’ll get acquainted and make sure the program and group are right for you.

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I’m Fanny Gippa, and I have been helping people change their love pattern and create the relationships and lives of their dreams since 2013. I am the creator and host of the popular French dating and relationship podcast and course called Changez votre schéma amoureux® [Change your love pattern].


My journey started in 2010. I was 27 years old. I had always dreamed of moving to Los Angeles. So I did. I left my home and friends – as well as a toxic relationship and a “good” job that no longer resonated with me – behind. Destination: the United States!


From there I traveled for 7 years. First Paris, then Sydney, Bali, Thailand, and New Zealand... and, finally, back home to Switzerland five years ago.


I went back to school to become a professional coach and NLP practitioner for my own personal development.


I have been practicing full-time for more than five years now. I am passionate about what I do and bring 100% of my energy to each coaching session.


Now let’s talk about love. One thing is certain: From fascination to frustration to fear, love elicits strong reactions. And raises a lot of questions. Where does love fit into dating? What about self-love? How do you give yourself to a meaningful relationship without losing yourself?


After a history of toxic relationships, I made the decision to stay single, embarking on a journey of personal development that would last seven years. During that time, I did the work necessary to understand the mechanisms that underpin these harmful attractions so that I could – finally – do something about it.


For a decade, I honed my coaching and energy healing practice and trained in NLP and neurosciences. I explored love, experienced failures, and overcame some of life’s inevitable tests. When I was 35, I met my soulmate. The vibrant, honest relationship we have built is very similar to the one I always dreamed of. 


I believe that meeting your soulmate and building a beautiful relationship can be learned. My mission is to teach you how to change your love pattern – and your life!


I have more than 3,000 hours of coaching practice behind me. This program is based on a proven process that has produced results for my clients hundreds of times.


 Clients L.O.V.E Stories

S., paralegal, age 33

“F. and I are still together, and everything is absolutely PERFECT! When I heard the client testimonials on your podcast I was skeptical. I figured it probably worked for some people, but it seemed too good to be true. Now that I’ve taken the course, I can see that the transformation was just as huge for me as it was for them! So, yes, it works!”

C., teacher, age 56

“Fanny helped me look at my past and ask myself the right questions. Her valuable advice helped me change my beliefs and thoughts. I changed my love pattern and found a new relationship that felt natural and just flowed from the very beginning. I can just be myself. I don’t have to constantly adapt to the other person like in my previous relationships.

THANK YOU, Fanny!!!”

A., business owner, age 34

“When I met Fanny a lot was in flux in my life. I was looking for a new job, starting a personal project, and moving in with my boyfriend. I was sure that all of these changes were necessary, but I was scared. And I had a lot of beliefs that were causing me to self-sabotage. Little by little, with Fanny’s help, I was able to identify these beliefs and change them. I now believe in myself and in my plans. I also believe that it is possible to have the things I want. I really did get results. I feel aligned in my new work environment and in my relationship. And when something does push me out of my comfort zone, I know how to transform the situation into something positive.”

L., lawyer, age 37

“Fanny, I hope you are doing well. I love seeing posts of your amazing life with Raphael on Instagram! I just wanted to let you know that things are going really well with T. We enjoy spending time together and he is definitely committed, which I like! What is amazing is that it is all happening exactly the way I would have wanted. And yet, I don't feel like I made any massive changes to get here.”

C., naturopath, age 44

“There was life before Fanny. And there is life after Fanny. So much has changed in just six months, all thanks to my ♥️ coach!


The process created some major shifts within me. I became much more self-aware and learned simple, effective tools I can now use in all areas of my life. And it works. Every time!!!


Above all, Fanny helped me reconnect with myself. She gave me the confidence I needed to show up authentically, to be myself authentic, to just be myself, to be happy, and glow ☀.️ I learned to love myself. And that is priceless!


I also met a wonderful man… The kind you don't believe exist… He gives me everything I have ever dreamed of, things I never dared dream of, and much, much more ✨♥️.

A huge thank you, Fanny ♥️!”

L., coach, age 39

“I came to Fanny because I was tired of going from failed relationship to failed relationship. I had just broken it off with someone who was unavailable and I was ready to meet the right person. It took about a month for me to meet someone, and our relationship is going extremely well. We do so many things together. I never dreamed it could be this way. I had lost all hope. My ex even got back in touch with me to try to get back together. The main thing is that I love and have confidence in myself.”


A., business owner, age 29

“I reached out to Fanny because I was bouncing from one toxic relationship to another. I was feeling more and more insecure, and could no longer even imagine a relationship in my future, much less a happy one. As I worked through the course and did the exercises, my self-confidence came back and I even found talking to men easy! So, when I saw “him”, I went up to talk to him, of course! Everything fell into place very quickly and I am still happy with him!”

L., retail employee, age 35

“Well…it looks like the videos are working their magic! I met a guy just over two weeks ago. We had actually met once before, and he had gone out of his way to see me again. He's the kind of person I‘ve been waiting for: He is attentive, kind, reliable, and calm. He treats me like a queen and has already told me very clearly how he feels about me.”


You can have a relationship that fits YOUR lifestyle.

What would it be like if you had someone you could talk to about anything? Someone who supported you unconditionally?

It's possible today.

A partner who would be there for you when everything is going well for you and reassure you in times of doubt. A partner who pushes you to be your best self. A partner who will be your biggest cheerleader when going it alone feels like too much.


What would it feel like to wake up next to your partner every morning?


What if you and your partner lifted each other up by talking you up to other people even when you are not together?


What kind of energy, creativity, and motivation would this kind of relationship bring to other areas of your life?


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It's time to have the relationship that you dreamed of.